MAY 08,2020

Photos and Words by Jaakko Ojanen


How did you get into photography?

I´ve been into filming/ photography ever since I started skating. We filmed each other skating when we learned our first tricks with my brother. I was about 7 and he was 9. But years later when I broke my back and had to stay off skating almost 3 years in a row I bought a camera and started shooting more.


What was your first camera?

First camera I bought myself was fujifilm's x10. It wasn´t the greatest but I think it made me get more into photography. Then I sold my x10 after about a year and got x100s which I liked way better.


Do you shoot film or digital, or both? What camera(s) do you currently use?

I don´t shoot film as much as I would like to. I shoot roll or few every now and then but mostly I carry my x100F with me.


Color or BKW?

I will say Black and White but I appreciate nice colors too.


What are your favorite things to shoot?

Everything that I find interesting. Could be something in the streets or a random shadow or homies hanging around. Just trying to catch moments someway.

Who are some of your favorite photographers, and why?

For a long time I didn´t really know many photographers outside from skating. I was just shooting my stuff and not thinking too much. But lately I´ve been enjoying a lot of photohraphs from others. Example French Fred, Daniel Arnold, Pau Buscato. They manage to capture moments that happens very quickly that most people don’t even notice. Its impressive. There are many great ones out there.


Are you working on any video parts at the moment?

Yea! We are working on a new DC video called Domino! We’ve been playing a lot dominos on the trips. It includes parts from Josef, Thaynan, Madars and myself. Be ready on June 1st!

Any words for kids that are looking to pick up photography?

Umm I would say just keep shooting stuff you´re into. figure out your way to use the camera and use your own creativity! It’s fun.

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