To start, tell us who you are.

I'm Dwight Trinidad, 20 y/o.

Where are you originally from and how did you get into skateboarding?

I grew up here in Antipolo, Rizal. I got into skating because of my uncle Aaron. He got so many skate magazines, posters and tapes when I was young and I was sneaking some of his stuff. That's how I got interested in skateboarding. At first I just borrowed skateboards from my uncle while he taught me the basics. My father was so supportive that he bought me a 2nd hand skateboard and then took me to a local spot called Concrete Jungle where all the local legends skated. Skating there was an opportunity because I made a lot of friends and that's where it all started.

Who were the guys you looked up to when you started skating?

The first one was my uncle and my father, then some local legends like kuya Jundi Santos, Chocks Mangaspar, Rob Santos, David Valino, Lloyd Briones, Deear Santos and Miyagi Borja. Internationally it was Louie Lopez, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Reynolds, etc.

How did the lockdowns affect your skateboarding opportunities?

It was fucked up because we cant go to our usual spots. That's why we decided to build a spot near home but the barangay officials kept pushing us away. Not getting any practice made me lose most of my tricks and even the competitions were so limited those days.

What was your favorite part during the filming of “Out Here”?

Actually all the days where the crew were together. Especially Sir Marron's birthday where the whole crew gathered.

When you’re not skateboarding – what are your favorite ways to unplug from the buzz of everyday life?

When I'm not skating I'm studying, making artworks, reading something, watching my siblings, listening to some music and sometimes playing basketball.

Any advice for someone who’s new to skateboarding?

For those who want to skate, it wasn't easy at first but I just kept pushing. Being persistent and patient is the fucking key. Also don't forget to enjoy every moment.

What are your favorite DC shoes?

Before I always wanted the T-funk shoes but now I'm enjoying Stevie Williams. It’s so soft and durable.

Nice. Any one you wanna give a shoutout to wrap up the interview?

Shoutout to DC Philippines thanks for the opportunity and Sir Marron! Also shoutout to my family, friends, sponsors,Calle fam, Taytay Skate Crew, 3pm Crew, Wild dawgs and to my girlfriend!
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