JANUARY 03, 2023
We lost our hero yesterday. 
Ken Block was not only the co-founder of DC, but he was the personification of everything our brand stands for. 
Confidence. Creativity. Innovation. Pushing Boundaries. Colliding Worlds. 
Ken was a visionary and a pioneer. Our team comes to work every day conscious of the fact that we operate in his shadow, navigate by his compass, and compete with his legacy. 
Ken’s fearless creativity gave birth to DC.
His innovative spirit drove its product design and marketing to heights only imaginable by him.
His larger-than-life ambition pushed the brand and this entire industry forward.  
His relentless energy fueled the creation of DC Snowboarding, Mountain Lab, Gymkhana, Hoonigan, and his many other mind blowing, ground breaking, internet smashing pursuits.
Father. Founder. Force of Nature. There is nobody like Ken Block. He is an icon.
Our hearts and prayers are with Ken’s family and the many people in the global DC tribe whose lives he touched for nearly three decades. 
We simply cannot overstate his impact or what a devastating loss this is.  Ken will be missed, but certainly never forgotten.
Ken Block Forever.
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