When Tyla Yaweh first started recording music, he would save up cash from his landscaping job to pay for his hourly studio fees. Eventually, the studio owner recognized Tyla’s raw talent and started giving him free studio time. “I just made it my thing. I loved it. I love being in the studio every single day” he says. But, Tyla knew he would need to take a leap of faith to bring his music career to the next level. When he loaded his car and drove from Florida to California to chase that dream, he was literally putting it all on the line. Just a few years later, it’s safe to say his gamble paid off. Tyla isn’t just well established in LA, the 26 year old is one of the most talked about artists on the scene. Having worked with Post Malone, Travis Barker, Wiz Khalifa and many more, Tyla is just getting started. 
To celebrate the release of his new single, “Hands Up”, we partnered with Tyla as part of our Push Your Own Story series—where we spotlight the artists, creators, skaters or all-around badass people who inspire us on a daily basis. Tyla has been skating since he was six and has always been a fan of DC. He even has a mean tre flip to back it up.
We sat down with Tyla to chat about what personally inspires him, his songwriting process, and his plans for the future.


“To me, Push Your Own Story means to be yourself. to show people who you are and what you live for. That’s what I get from it. I love music so much. I just want to live. I just want to keep going, be me & inspire people everyday.”





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