RICO LAMPA | Out Here Interview


To start, tell us who you are. 

Hi my name is Ricardo IV F. Lampa. My friends call me Rico and I've been skating for almost 11 years now. 

Where are you originally from and how did you get into skateboarding?

I'm from Project 4 Quezon City. I always wanted to skateboard. I really don't know why I started showing interest in skateboarding, when I was around 10 years old and ever since then that's all I wanted to do. I even tried doing basketball and many other sports out there but they didn't give off the same feeling as skateboarding. 

Who were the guys you looked up to when you started skating? 

There are a lot of really great skaters but if I had to choose, Ryan Sheckler is one of my favorite international skaters and for the local scene my idols are Jeff Gonzales and Jundin Santos. 

How did the lockdowns affect your skateboarding opportunities?

The longer the lockdown got the less time I had to practice and it was really hard for me because I'm used to skating everyday since there is a local spot in our neighborhood. But it was harder when we got kicked out from said local spot given that there aren't much accessible spots during the height of the pandemic.

What was your favorite part during the filming of “Out Here”? 

Every part was the best! Just imagine skating at a lot of different spots with your homies, doing insane tricks, and drinking beer, It's always a good time. 



When you’re not skateboarding – what are your favorite ways to unplug from the buzz of everyday life? 

Listening to music, drinking coffee, and playing online games on my computer. 

Any advice for someone who’s new to skateboarding? 

If I could give advice to my younger self. Do what chu gotta do. If you think of a trick, do it! And the homies too, they're one of the best things in skateboarding, so keep 'em! 

What are your favorite DC shoes? 

The Evan Smith S is one of the best skate shoes for me. The toe cap is just a perfect combo. It gives more flick and control when I skate.

Nice. Any one you wanna give a shoutout to wrap up the interview?

Big thanks to my family for supporting me and of course DC Shoes PH and Boss Marron, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show off our tricks and skills in skateboarding. Shout out to our skate crew Wild Dawgz! DC OUTHERE! LET'S GO!!