JUNE 25,2020

Photo: Astleford

Yoooo Demon! What’s happenin?
Wadup! Not much, playing some modern warfare, Hahahah!

Why do they call you Speed Demon? How did that originate?
Oh shit, it’s from me skating fast, I guess, but also an incident with Wes and I when a dude put speed in our beer at a bar without us knowing. Cheeky bastard!

Wow, that’s insane! Where are you at the moment?
Right now, I’m in Stockholm. It’s summertime here now, and it’s so good! It stays light out really late, so it’s perfect for skating.

Are you living in Stockholm full time?
Yup, I moved here about 4 and a half years ago.

Where were you born? Where is your family from?
I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. That’s where my family is from on my mother’s side. My dad was from Gambia, but moved to Gothenburg.

How’s the lockdown been? Did Sweden even enforce a lock down?
In Sweden it was pretty much normal everyday business. No restrictions. Bars have been open. I think the only thing was no big crowds, and if you’re at a bar you can only have four people max at each table, unless it’s a big table then you fill the seats.

How did lockdown affect filming for your part?
It did affect it a bit. I mean I usually go to Barcelona to film with Jack Thompson and the Sour guys. Here in Sweden the filmers work all day so there is only a couple of hours to go on missions, and we are a big crew skating so it was a bit difficult, but it worked out in the end.

Are you happy to be done with your domino part?
Man, I’m so stoked. Now I can start filming for the homie Fritte’s video here in Stockholm, and the Sour vid. We finally got a VX sent here, so the missions are on!

Speaking of Domino, I hear you play a mean game of Dominos. 
Aahhhh yaaaah! Master of Dominos mate, hahaha. Jimmy brought some on a trip and we all got hooked playing in the house, on the missions, pretty much everywhere.

What’s the term “quit peeking at my doms!” mean? Seems like you guys are always yelling that at each other randomly out of nowhere.
Hahaha, the dom peeper, Jaakkooooo! We stack up the dominos in front of us when we play, so it’s easier to see your hand. When someone gets caught looking at another guys doms, it’s so funny! Everyone is screaming, “Stop fuckin peeping at my doms”, shaking the table so they fall over and shit. It gets hectic!

Any good stories from any of the filming trips we did?
We were at a DC event during the Bright trade show in Berlin. The security were the worst! We had to stand in a ridiculous line, and they told Chris Ray and Jack they weren’t allowed to bring camera bags inside, and they were supposed to be filming the event. T-funk got caught writing on something at the party, and the security guards were not happy at all. The owner lady grabbed Funk by the throat and pushed him out and then Manu tried to stop her and a security guard put him into a choke hold. T-Funk got out of the grip and accidently scratched some security guard with his grip tape on the arm, and the guy started growling, hahaha. Everyone was trying to find Funk but he was gone. We ended up getting kicked out of the DC party, so we went to some random bar hiding cause the security called the police and said we hit them with our boards. Liars.

Sounds hectic! Any plans for the future?
Hmmm, not really. Just try to skate and film more video parts!

BS big spin | Photo: Blabac

BS smith 180 | Photo: Blabac

Photo: Blabac

BS tailslide | Photo: Blabac

BS 180 NG back to forward | Photo: Heikkila

BS noseblunt slide | Photo: Heikkila

Gap to backlip | Photo: Heikkila

Nose manual into the darkness | Photo: Heikkila

BS smith grind | Photo: Gaston

Josef & Thaynan | Photo: Heikkila
Doms with Jaakko, Josef & Jack | Photo: Astleford
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