JEROME FRANCISCO | Out Here Interview

To start, tell us who you are. 

Jerome Carl Francisco 


Where are you originally from and how did you get into skateboarding?

I’m from Manila, Philippines. I got into skateboarding because of my older brother who skates too. 

Who were the guys you looked up to when you started skating? 

Jeff Gonzales and Jundin Santos because they can skate whatever stance they want.


How did the lockdowns affect your skateboarding opportunities?

The lockdowns actually helped me balance time for my family, school, skateboarding and friends. 

What was your favorite part during the filming of “Out Here”? 

The first spot and first clip of me on Out Here where I got up on the glass roofing of the Ayala Underpass.

When you’re not skateboarding – what are your favorite ways to unplug from the buzz of everyday life? 

Spending time with my tatay, watching movies, making his favorite food and thrifting. 

Any advice for someone who’s new to skateboarding? 

Just enjoy skateboarding. 

What are your favorite DC shoes? 

The Penza! 

Nice. Any one you wanna give a shoutout to wrap up the interview?

Salamat po DC