To start, tell us who you are.


Where are you originally from and how did you get into skateboarding?

From the south, Paranque to be specific. Got exposed to skateboarding thru my older sister, My mom used to bring us to this skatepark back when we were just kids. 

Who were the guys you looked up to when you started skating? 

Well me as a filmer, i really look up to skate filmers more than actual skaters in general. From Vj Chua to Bill Strobeck, From Mike Toledana to Beagle.



How did the lockdowns affect your skateboarding opportunities?

Well it did open up some unexpected doors and unfortunately closed some too. 

What was your favorite part during the filming of “Out Here”? 

The crew, The team, The vibe, and especially the support. (which is rare in the industry)



When you’re not skateboarding/Filming – what are your favorite ways to unplug from the buzz of everyday life? 

Cook. Watch races. Burn One.

Any advice for someone who’s new to skateboarding?


What are your favorite DC shoes? 

Manteca S 

Any one you wanna give a shoutout to wrap up the interview?

Shout out to my moms n pops. We ousssside. Jan you the best!


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